The Importance of SAS Certification

We all must agree that each business is creating data now a day and have needs to analyze the same. From year 2011 till 2014 the average data produced and saved by businesses had been increased to 5 Trilion GB data from 1.2 Trilion GB. Big Data and Business Intelligence shall go hand-in-hand for a long time and continue to so. This post talks about benefits of these changes to the big data analyzing professionals.

With both big data and business intelligence on the most need list of business, the need of analytics on the rise, US Bloomberg and Forbes report that the two domains shall account for over $6.3 Billion by 2018 in revenue, thereby creating over 1 million jobs in the fields of Data Analytics, Hadoop Programming, Business Analysis, Content Development and many more.

With Technology combination such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP planning to go all out with their BI and Data Analytics strategies, a huge lift expected in the average salaries of personnel from analytics domains.

Pick any technology magazine and you can easily see Big Data, or BI related buzz. These are on the top ranks in technology trends for year 2015. BI related skills, knowledge will be in huge demand over the next few years, and professionals from the domain will be on the beneficiary side for sure.

Business Intelligence and Data Analysis are niche and unique skills and it ensures long reliable and successful career. To be in the top most line amongst the professionals from the domain, certification are most common and in trend in current era. SAS is one of the most renowned institute and it’s certifications are most honored and most in demand. There are many questions keep popping up in the mind of anyone considering analytics as a carrier. Career in the field of analytics is very bright and especially person having SAS Certification. SAS Programmers are hot cake in the market of analytics SAS analytical tool have a lion share as high as 52% plus. Checkout all SAS certification details and practice exams on This website provides online practice exams for those who are preparing for SAS certifications.



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