Download Install & getting start with SAS® University Edition

What is SAS, SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System in short SAS®

It can allows you to enter, retrieve and manage your data easily, it can analyze your data statistically and mathematically, it can create beautiful reports for you and it can develop entirely new software applications.

As the heading suggest, this post about downloading and installing a free version of SAS software which is called SAS® University Edition and getting start with SAS® University Edition

You can search on google for SAS® University Edition download link, once you get in to SAS org’s web, you can see three option available for download (Windows, OS X & Linux), chose one according to your OS.

Download a Quick Start Guide (PDF or video) for your virtualization software package

System Requirements

  1. Microsoft Windows version 7 or later
    32 / 64-bit hardware with a minimum of 1GB of RAM. For 32-bit hardware, you need to tweak some settings. Check out this link – 32-bit hardware SAS® University Edition via Virtual Box
  2. One of the following virtualization software packages:
    VMware Player 6.0 or later – Download link
    Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.12 – Download link
  3. One of the following web browsers:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11
    Mozilla Firefox 21 or later

Google Chrome 27 or later

Follow the steps provided on Quick Start Guide and you can easily finish setup

Once you have done with the install, now you are ready start using it, SAS has three windows:

First, Editor’s Window; where you type programs for analyzing data. Second, Log Window; where error messages and executed SAS commands are printed and final is Output Window; where the result of SAS programs are printed. You may notice one more window attached to this window called “Result Window”, here you can see each section of your output.


We may discuss on further on the next blog OR I may add some more in this only, for now, enjoy practicing with your newly setup  SAS® Software suit

NOTE:- Those who are preparing for their SAS Base Programmer Certification and need a practice guide, I suggest I have found this personally very useful to check my knowledge and exam readyness.


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