Score high in SAS Certification

A+SAS aspirant are required to provide identification proof at the testing center, such as driver’s license or a valid passport. It is highly advisable that SAS aspirant should reach test center 15 minutes in advanced. In a worst case if you are not able to reach before or on time at test center, please keep in mind that candidates are not allowed to attend exam if they are reaching last by 15 min or more, and no refund of exam fees. To maintain the security of the test environment, candidates are not permitted to bring reference materials of any kind into the testing center. SAS Prometric exam centers don’t allow bringing cell phone, bags or other personal belongings inside the exam center. You will get a locker facility in case if it is available at exam center. There are no breaks so candidates are required to complete exam in one stretch, “no bio-breaks”.

  • Be calm and read the questions carefully and decide on which topic the author is trying to test your knowledge of SAS, remember, this you should do before you start reading options.
  • Now once you done with the first step, read all the choices carefully before choosing an answer.
  • If you have some confusion or not clear about for any question, you can mark them and move onto the next question.
  • At the end of the exam you can come back to the question you marked and moved on, and choose or change your answer.

All questions asked are multiple choice questions, in most of the cases you will have four choices and in all cases there will be only one and only one correct answer. You will be provided with a scratch paper, work out the question on this paper instead of just doing it in your head. You may also see some direct questions on a SAS function, procedure or system option. Exam authors want to see if you are familiar with the latest additions to the SAS software, so they might throw some new SAS function or options introduced in the latest version.

These tips will improve your chances of getting the answer right and you can exploit the knowledge you gain by studying and practicing for exam. I highly recommend practice on line before you appear for your exam. I did my practice at and this help me pass with 91%

SAS Base Programmer
SAS Advance Programmer
Number of Questions 60 to 65 multiple-choice questions 60 to 65 multiple-choice questions
Passing Percentage must achieve score of 70% correct to pass must achieve score of 65% correct to pass
Time 110 minutes to complete exam 120 minutes to complete exam
Time/Question (on an avg.) 1.7 min/question 1.8 min/question
Demo Test Available on

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